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Jane Murphy

Vice Chairwoman

1967 - Belgian/Canadian - Independent

Jane Murphy holds Masters in Law degrees from the ULB University of Brussels and from Laval University in Canada, as well as a Masters (LL.M) in European and International Law, obtained from the VUB University of Brussels.
After having practised as a lawyer in Canada, Jane Murphy worked as a commercial officer at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels and thereafter as a financial and business consultant in Belgian firms.

She is a member of the Brussels Bar and has been practising as a lawyer in Belgium since 2003. She has over 20 years of experience as a corporate and data protection lawyer and advises both Belgian and international clients.

Jane has elaborated experience in Corporate Governance and also teaches Corporate Governance as a guest lecturer in a Masters class in Corporate Law at the UCL University in Belgium.

Jane has 12 years of experience on the Board and Corporate Governance Committee of three Elia entities where the environment has always been a key focus and where the Board focused, amongst others, on the energy transition strategy, the development and implementation of renewable energy solutions, the reduction of the environmental impact of investment projects involving the (re)placement of new electricity lines and cables, the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, and much more.

Jane has been involved in monitoring the implementation of policies and strict goals related to the safety of employees and subcontractors  as well as diversity and inclusion, gender pay equality, trainings and community projects. Jane is also a “leader” in “The Ambition Challenge” and “The A Effect” which are unique international training programs that help women develop their professional careers. She also founded and chairs two companies that are focused on assisting companies worldwide in ensuring the safety of their customer data and the protection against data breaches.

Mandates and positions held


  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Chair of the Remuneration Committee

  • Member of the Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

  • 2013 - 2024

Other mandates within Ageas

  • /

Positions held with other listed companies

  • Non-executive independent director of the Board of Oracle Financial Services Software Limited (as from Feb. 13, 2019)

Address: Oracle Park, Off Western Express Highway Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063, India

Sector: Financial Services - Technology

Listed: Mumbai Stock Exchange

Other positions held

  • Non-executive independent director of Oracle Financial Services Software Pte (as from March 15, 2019)

Address: International Business Park 27, #04-05 Primerfield-Landmark Building, SINGAPORE 609924

Sector: Financial Services

  • Non-executive independent director of Oracle Financial Services Software BV (as from March 15, 2019)

Address: Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083HN Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Sector: Financial Services

  • Founder and Chair of the Board of European Data Protection Office SA (EDPO)

Address: Avenue Huart Hamoir 71, 1030  Brussels, BELGIUM

Sector: Data protection

  • Founder and Director of EDPO UK

Address: 8 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BY, UK

Sector: Data protection

  • Founder and Director of EDPO Switzerland (as from 09/08/2023)

Address: Rue de Lausanne 37, 1201 Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Founder and Director of European Digital Services Representative (EDSR) (as from 17 May 2023)

Address : Avenue Huart 71, 1030 Brussels