Lunch conference with Filip Coremans & Hans De Cuyper


Lunch conference with Filip Coremans & Hans De Cuyper

With Filip Coremans, CRO of Ageas (as from 1 July) and Hans De Cuyper, CFO of AG Insurance

Many of you attended the last lunch conference at which Ageas CRO Filip Coremans and AG Insurance CFO Hans De Cuyper shared their experiences with Ageas in Asia. The two speakers, who have both worked in the East for over 10 years, shed light on their achievements, and on our plans and ambitions.

Filip Coremans

Filip Coremans (49 years) Belgian, is an actuary who possesses considerable experience of insurance. Filip rejoined Ageas in 2002 and has held various positions in the Group’s Asian companies, from working in the centre of the operational entities in India and Malaysia, to, currently, the regional HQ in Hong Kong, where Filip holds the position of CFO/CRO for the region. He also has various administrative responsibilities in Ageas’s operational entities in the region.

Hans De Cuyper

Hans De Cuyper (45 years) is also a Belgian actuary. He rejoined the Ageas team in Hong Kong in 2004 as Head of Insurance Management, in order to drive forward our new joint-venture strategy in the region. In 2007 Hans moved to Malaysia, working first as CFO of Maybank (our joint venture company there), and then as CEO of Etiqa Insurance and Takaful. Hans returned to Belgium last year, where he now holds the position of CFO, AG Insurance.